Prathampur Vihar

This is a Buddhist monastery in Bungamati that belongs to the ‘Sangha’ or the community of Brahmacharya ‘celibate’ monks. Also considered as the first of its kind in the valley, this shrine has a courtyard enclosed by a two storied, quadrangular structure. Opposite of the main entrance is the shrine with the idol of Gautama Buddha. The upper storey is an open colonnaded room used for various ritual performances of the community.
Hundreds of years ago ‘Bhikshus’ monks received their first training in these kinds of Buddhist monastery which were known as Bahis. Various rituals such as ‘bare chhuigu’ (bratabandha) or initiation ceremonies are performed by the Brahmacharyas in this shrine.
Though there are no evidence found to show when this shrine was established, some historins believe that this is the first Bahi to be established in the valley, and hence the name Prathampur Vihar.