February 24, 2021: Her Excellency Nona Deprez, EU Ambassador to Nepal   focus on promotion of culture, tourism and governance. Addressing the mass at Bungamati, after the site visit, she admires the deeds of Parya Sampada project in preservation and promotion of tangible and intangible heritages. She recalled the major intervention of the project in reconstruction, promoting Newar culture, cuisine, and attire enriching the social norms and values.  Having the welcome drinks at De pukhu with Mayor Chiri Babu Maharjan and other dignitaries, she admires the peculiar nature of welcoming guests in Newar culture. Local newar cuisines were showcased at De pukhu. During this heritage walk, guests were presented with newari bhajan at different alleys of Bungamati. At Jawalakhel buspark, H.E. Deprez along with Mayor of LMC jointly lay stone for the Handicraft Training Center. This center is expected to be completed within 2021. Similarly, a newly constructed viewpoint as well as cycle stand at Sancho were inaugurated in the presence of guest and dignitaries. Raj Gyawali, consultant for Cycling route of Bungamati, briefed about the cycling route as well as its potentiality to improve green movement in Nepal. Heritage walk move ahead for another destination i.e. Bungamati Museum. On the way, traditional Newar dance was a head turner at Sata tole. Young girls beautifully performed newari dance. All guests were gracefully welcomed at Bungamati Museum by members of Maharjan Samaj. This museum was patron by Maharjan Samaj and was revitalized by Parya Sampada. H.E. Deprez and Mayor Maharjan jointly inaugurated this museum. All guest were served with local newar appetizer.

On the way, guest visited the house of Prem Bhakta Maharjan that is traditionally constructed and technical detailing and assistance was provided by this project. In addition to this, they also witness the Ta-Falcha, a resting house supported by this project.

This heritage walk programme was convened at Prathampur Maha Vihar. During this formal programme following documents were revealed and handed over the respective authorities:

  1. Comprehensive Heritage Recovery Plan of Bungamati including catalogue
  2. Heritage Recovery Plan of 10 heritage settlements including catalogue
  3. Inventory of Bungamati Heritage Vol. 1 – Tangible Heritage
  4. The story of Bunga Dhyo
  5. Brochure of Bungamati Museum
  6. Brochure of Prathampur Mahavihar
  7. Drumming notation of Dhime
  8. Local products made by beneficiaries of Parya Sampada

During this visit, H.E. Deprez admires the coordination and contribution of local women, youth and government in preserving the tangible and intangible heritage of Bungamati. She highlighted the strong bond between EU and Lalitpur Metropolitan City through the Parya Sampada Project. The joint stone laying ceremony of the Multipurpose building at Bungamati is evidence of the same.

Speaking over the program, Mayor Maharjan said that there was a strong bond between development partners like the EU and LMC in different cultures, environment, and green projects. He said that Parya Sampada is one of the projects in preserving the culture in partnership with European Union. Like Bungamati, LMC has few more sites awaiting to replicate the same model in promoting tourism through preserving the cultural heritages. LMC will allocate budget and prioritize with the program to promote the cultural heritage sites.

Mr. P.S. Joshi former Habitat Programme Manager of UN-Habitat stressed on the dynamic and living nature of Parya Sampada project. Sharing the presentation among the dignitaries, he has presented the major achievement of Parya Sampada from the last three years. He said that Parya Sampada is embedded in both hardware and software-based projects carried out by development agencies.

Talking to program Rajaram Chhatkuli OiC Habitat Program Manager thanked H.E. Deprez, Mayor Chiribabu Maharjan and other delegates for their remarkable presence and active engagement in the program. He requested to provide the critical feedback and support in proper implementation of remaining activities of the Parya Sampada project funded by European Union Switch Asia.